Eastcoast Custom Granny Flats

At Masters Agency, we understand that the importance of brand identity and its power to reflect the high-quality and bespoke craftsmanship this company embodies in their work. When creating the brand Eastcoast Custom Granny Flats, we drew inspiration from the contemporary, and Hampton style granny flat home options that are offered by Eastcoast Custom Granny Flats. This influence is beautifully captured in the new colour palette, which features light blues and crisp whites. Together, these colours create a harmonious balance, embodying the professional and skilled craftsmanship of Eastcoast Custom Granny Flats and modern style and designs of the granny flats themselves.

Our comprehensive rebranding efforts for Eastcoast Custom Granny Flats included a complete overhaul of their brand identity. From the inception of a new, impactful name to the meticulous crafting of their brand image, Masters Agency executed every detail with precision and creativity. We designed and developed the Eastcoast Custom Granny Flats website from the ground up to reflect modern aesthetics and enhanced user experience, ensuring seamless navigation and engaging content. Additionally, we transformed their document and print collateral designs to best reflect their new identity and image in the public eye. Integrating their new brand elements to create cohesive and professional materials. Masters Agency’s holistic approach to rebranding has empowered Eastcoast Custom Granny Flats to present a strong, consistent image across all platforms, setting them up for continued success.

We at Masters Agency understand the impact that clever and thought out organic social media content strategies can help boost confidence in the next potential customer and create an online portfolio to display their impressive works. This is why we created and accurately branded the staple social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Linkedin.

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