Right Start Pet Food

We are excited to highlight our work with Right Start Pet Food, where we undertook a comprehensive rebranding project to capture the company's fun and vibrant ethos. This rebranding was designed to reflect the dynamic personality of the owners, who are passionate pet lovers deeply involved in creating exceptional customer and animal experiences.

Our approach began with infusing the brand with a lively and engaging personality that mirrors the joy and enthusiasm of pet ownership. We developed a fresh, vibrant colour palette and playful design elements that convey this energy, ensuring the brand stands out in the pet food market.

A significant aspect of the rebranding was redesigning the logo and visual identity to resonate with the playful and approachable nature of the brand. We focused on creating a logo that was both eye-catching and versatile, maintaining its impact across various mediums, from packaging to social media profiles.

We also emphasised the quality of Right Start Pet Food’s products, which are made from human-grade ingredients, ensuring that the rebranding communicated the superior standards and care that go into every product. The updated website built on Shopify features a fun, user-friendly interface, while our enhanced social media content fosters engagement and builds a strong community around the brand.

By capturing the essence of Right Start Pet Food’s lively and customer-centric approach, our rebranding efforts have positioned the company as a standout choice in the fast growing pet food industry, reflecting the passion of its pet-loving owners and the exceptional quality of their products.

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